May 2016

Young Guns - Six Success Stories

I think many people believe in the notion that Jakarta is the land of opportunities. While to some extent it might be true – probably a decade ago – I prefer to highlight Bali as the island of chances. When I landed here a few years ago I thought of Bali as a place to make life-changing decisions, to take risks, and to really go with the guts. I think I had a fair share of all of those to some degree, but we’re not here to talk about me. Over the years in Bali I have met young people from all walks of life with great talents and/or enormous passions who are not afraid to take risks and follow their guts. The inspiring thing is that from that gutsiness usually comes something cool – a project, a shop, or an establishment. Take our Island Life pages to see young people who take matters in their own hands and build a coffee shop, a fashion label, a home decor brand, and a creative space – among others – before they turn 35.

Aside from those budding business makers, you can also check out some other success stories from one of the biggest hoteliers in the world on In Focus pages, two young designers on Talkshop page, and a contractor on My Bali Secret page. Talking to these people nudged the little inspiration bulb inside my head, so I hope you can also get some sparks of encouragement after reading about them.

Happy reading!

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